1. 1. Write a computer program to count the number of times each word appears in the string and then save it to the dictionary?
  2. 2. Git Merge and Rebase?
  3. 3. What is docker file and how it functions?
  4. 4. What are the tasks that can be accomplished?
  5. 5. How can I set up to 100 servers at once?
  6. 6. What is the definition of docker volume?
  7. 7. What are you doing during the last few years? What techniques used?
  8.  8. Have you ever worked on ansible modules?


  1. What is DevOps?
  2. Why do we need a DevOps?
  3.  How do you configure the job in Jenkins?
  4. What are the roles you played in your laptop?
  5. How do you configure ansible in Jenkins?
  6. Difference between ant and maven?
  7.  Git workflow?
  8.  Maven lifecycle?
  9.  Where do you find errors in Jenkins?How do you integrate sonar Qube in Jenkins?


  1. How do you configures3 bucket?
  2. Differences between git rebase and git merge?
  3. What is git init?
  4. What is git clone?
  5. If there is suddenly the file is deleted in git and how do you get it back?
  6. What is CI/CD?
  7. What is the purpose of Docker?
  8. In Jenkins how can you find log files?
  9. By using Ansible how to deploy in Jenkins?
  10. What is the use of ansible?
  11. What is configuration management?


  1. Roles and Responsibilities?
  2. Daily activities what you have done in the current project?
  3. Jenkins workflow and write a script for this workflow?
  4. In Ubuntu sever what is a public key and private key?
  5. Write a script what you are done daily?
  6. Three members have same password one I have to change write a script for this example?
  7. Write a script for how to push the repository and build the job in Jenkins?
  8. About project?
  9. What are EC2 and VPC how we create & write a script?


  1. Difference between SVN and GIT?
  2. Difference between ant and maven?
  3. What are the version control tools are using in the present market?
  4. Git commit?
  5. Git push and fetch?
  6. How to create a repository in GitHub?
  7. How to push the file in the GitHub flow?
  8. Have you worked on maven scripts?
  9. About branching strategies?
  10.  Maven lifecycle?
  11. About pom.xml?
  12. How build job in Jenkins?
  13. How to create continuous deployment in Jenkins?
  14. Poll SCM?
  15. In Jenkins how to give backup from one server to another server?
  16. Difference between Docker and ansible?


  1. Difference between GitHub and BitBucket?
  2. Use of git commit and purpose?
  3. Difference between rebasing and merge?
  4. Maven repositories?
  5. About pom.xml?
  6. Dependencies in pom.xml? what dependency have you used in your project?
  7. Jenkins workflow?
  8. How to build a job in Jenkins by using git and maven?
  9. What is the use of maven in Jenkins?
  10. Where you find an error in Jenkins?
  11. Where can you find the particular error in logs?
  12. Difference between Vagrant and AWS?
  13. Use of AMI?
  14. Purpose and use of s3?
  15. What is CI/CD?
  16. What are the modules you have used in ansible?
  17. Location and configuration file in ansible?
  18. Docker purpose and usage?
  19. The flow of SonarQube? why we use it?
  20. What is the use of quality gates in sonarqube?
  21. Suppose we give 30 % quality I want you to define in quality gates?
  22. What is the use of Jira tool?
  23. As a DevOps engineer why we use Jira Tool?
  24.  Why we use pipeline in Jenkins? Flow?
  25. What is Release management due to production?


  1.  #chmod 444 <filename.txt?> in root user? Change the above permissions to 777?
  2. #curl is not working and telnet is working now?
  3. I am having two instances in public and private subnets, I am pinged from one server to another server and getting any response but by using telnet on port 23 it’s working now?
  4. What is SSL? And how it works internally?
  5. My webservers are running in private subnet I want to route my ELB Traffic to web servers in private subnets?
  6. What is NAT Instance/NAT Gateway?
  7. Why is SG?
  8. Mostly asked on networking, ports, and protocols



  1. What is AWS?
  2. What is a cloud?
  3. What is EC2?
  4. What is VPC?
  5. What is AZ?
  6. What is ELB?
  7. What is VPC peering?
  8. What is the aim of VPC peering?
  9. Why use VPC peering, real-time example?
  10. What is SG?
  11. What is cloud front/CDN?
  12.  What is a lambda, what is the use of it?
  13. What have you developed using Lambda?
  14. What is automation have you done for with lambda?
  15. What is cloud watch?
  16. What is cloud formation?
  17. What is DevOps?
  18. What is Agile and waterfall methods?
  19. What tools does DevOps contain?
  20. What is git lifecycle?
  21. What is build? Explain technically?
  22. What is automation in DevOps?
  23. What is CI/CD?
  24. What are the stages in Jenkins?
  25. Is Only Jenkins enough for automation?
  26. Where will deploy the application?
  27. Difference between NaCl and SG?
  28. S3 lifecycle?
  29. What is the use of the IAM role?
  30. How many subnets assign to the routing table?
  31. What is the static IP?
  32. How will get access to private subnets?
  33. Can you increase the size of root volume without shutdown the instance?
  34. Df –h?
  35. What is ELB? How many types are there?
  36. What is autoscaling?
  37. What is hosted zone and uses of recordset?
  38. Types in R53?
  39. How will take up backup for volumes?
  40. How to encrypt the root volume?
  41. How will access AS account?
  42. What is the subnet group in DB?
  43. How do you connect to windows instances?
  44. Port numbers of RDP, SSH, and HTTPS?
  45. What is the difference between EBS, S3, and EFS?
  46.  What type of data do you store in s3 and EBS?
  47. Replication s3?
  48. Why use events in cloud watch in AWS?
  49. What is the difference between VPC level security and system level security?
  50. If you lost the pem file then how will you connect to EC2?


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