Agneepath Scheme 2022- All Details You Need to Know

Agneepath Scheme 2022

Agneepath Scheme for the Recruitment of Military Personnel Agneepath Scheme for Military Recruitment: Union Cabinet took a historic decision to approve a highly attractive recruiting scheme for Indian young people to join the Armed Forces for which a scheme has been launched under the title AGNEEPATH.

The youngsters chosen under the Agneepath scheme will be classified as Agniveers. The announcement of the Agnipath Program, a new window of opportunity has opened for young people to serve their country for four years. If you’re looking to become an Agniveer within the Indian Armed Forces, Here’s the information you should be aware of Agneepath scheme 2022 Agniveers as well as other information.

The article we’ve described what is the Agneepath scheme, the age limit and education requirements for agniveers. We also discuss how the process of gaining a job through Agneepath Scheme be carried out as well as the pay and other details.

What is Agneepath Scheme?

Agneepath scheme is an hiring process that was launched through the government of India. those who are selected will be registered to serve as Agniveers for a four-year timein Indian Armed Forces. It is expected that the Armed Forces will be recruiting 46,000 Agniveers this year under the Agnipath/Agneepath Scheme. At the end of the four-year duration, Aginveers will go to society as a disciplined, energetic highly motivated and skilled workforce to be employed in different areas to further their careers at the position they prefer.

Agneepath Scheme is a step that was initiated to aid in the selection of more than 46,000 Agniveers to India’s Indian Army, Indian Navy and India Air Force. The recruitment process under the Agneepath Scheme would be done for a period of four years at first. Over the next four years, the new recruits will be taught by the military to acquire the required skills.

The Agnipath recruitment program is an innovative initiative that is expected to give young people with a profile for the army. Navy chief admiral R Hari Kumar said women will also be able to join the army under the new plan. Officials however added that the selection of women in the scheme will be contingent on the requirements of the respective service.

Agnipath Scheme Details- Latest Updates

Information on Recruitment- For theIndian Navy full calendar will be made public on the 25th of June in 2022. the full announcement will be made on the 9th of July in 2022. online registration will begin on July 15th, 2022.

for IAF Registration will begin on the 24th of June 2022 and onwards. The Online Exam to start on the 24th of July 2022. The initial batch of Agniveers will be admitted to IAF at the beginning of 2022. training to begin on the 30th December 2022 and onwards.

for Indian Army, Registration to begin in July 2022. The first group of Agniveers to be selected to be selected for Indian Army troops in December 2022. Training to begin at the end of December 2022.

Indian Air Force & Indian Army has published full Agneepath Recruitment Notifications on the 20th July 2022, on their respective websites.

Intake of “Agniveers'” is expected to increase by 1.25 lakhs in the future Department of Military Affairs

MoS Defense Ajay Bhatt’s thoughts about the Agnipath scheme. It’s a very good scheme. In spite of the clarity regarding misunderstandings, it’s not right to adhere to the requirements… I call on the youth to not let go of this chance to shine. There is no issue in the future.

10% of vacancies available within CAPF:The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has announced it has decided to set aside 10% of the vacancies available for CAPF recruitment along with Assam Rifles for Agniveers.

Incentive-The ministry of defence and home affairs offered concessions and incentives which aid Agniveers to find future employment. The Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri said the PSUs that fall under his petroleum and housing departments are currently working on recruiting ‘Agniveers’ following their four years of service in the army.

Revision of Age Limit-The higher age threshold for those who are Agniveers has been adjusted to 23 years.

Reservation Reservation The government has declared the creation of a 10 percent reservation for “Agniveers” in the central police forces and Assam Rifles with upper age relaxation. Defence Ministry also came up with an additional 10% quota that will include all posts in the Coast Guard, defence civilian posts, as well as 16 defence PSUs that include the significant ones such as Hindustan Aeronautics, Bharat Electronics and the four ordnance factory and 41 shipyards.

Training Training As according to Army Director General Manoj Pande, the training of the first agniveers will start in month in December (in 2022) in the centers.

Shipping ministry announces six appealing opportunities to service Agniveers in the Indian Navy for a smooth transition to Merchant Navy.

Agneepath Scheme Notification

Agneepath Recruitment Scheme Indian Army Recruitment 2022 Notification was released on 20th June , 2022 to allow for entry into the Indian Army. A total of 83 recruitment events across the country are anticipated to be held. Indian Navy will be releasing the Indian Navy Agneepath Notification on 21st June 2022. This Indian Air Force Agneepath Recruitment 2022 announcement was made with a format of PDF on the 20th June 2022. Candidates can access the complete information for each department by clicking on the hyperlinks below.

Agneepath Scheme Details

Agnipath also known as Agneepath is a scheme for recruitment that is designed for Indian youngsters who would like to be part of in the Armed Forces. Agnipath schemeis a recruitment process for people who do not have officers’ ranks with the aim of sending fitter, more youthful troops to the frontline Many of them will be on contracts for four years. This is a revolutionary project which will give Indian Army, the Indian Army, Indian Navy as well as the Indian Air Force a young image.

What is Agniveer?

The teens selected under the Agneepath scheme will be classified into the Agniveers. Agniveers will be given the chance of applying for permanent enrollment into the Armed Forces after a period of four years. Youths between the ages that ranges from 17.5 and up to the age of 23 (revised maximum age) who value patriotism cooperation, improvement in physical strength, deep devotion to the nation, and the availability of well-trained personnel to improve national security during the face of threats from outside or internal threats as well as natural disasters are eligible to apply through Agneepath Yojna to be Agniveers.

Agneepath Scheme Details- Broad Objectives

The principal goals for the Agnipath/Agneepath Scheme are-

1. to enhance the youthful image that is the Armed Forces so that they can be at their best every day, with a greater capability to take risks.

2. Instill to instill the Armed Forces ethos, courage dedication, teamwork, and commitment in young people.

3. To develop abilities and characteristics like motivation, discipline, dynamism, and other work abilities to ensure that youth is seen as a valuable asset.

4. In order to provide an opportunity for youngsters who might be eager to serve our country with the uniform for a short amount of time.

5. In order to attract young talents in the society , to successfully utilize, adapt and utilize the latest technologies that have increased technical thresholds for intake, while drawing on the Technical institutions in the country.

Agneepath Scheme Pros & Cons

The Agneepath Scheme, the latest Agneepath Scheme, there have been some pros and cons that have been discussed in the following manner:

Pros Cons
  1. A major change in the way that recruiters are used by the military.
  2. An opportunity for youth to serve the country and contribute to the building of a nation.
  3. Young and active members of the army.
  4. A great financial deal for the Agniveers.
  5. Agniveers can learn from the top universities and enhance their skills and skills.
  6. Agniveers will be offered a tempting monthly deal that is designed for them.
    as in addition to the allowances for risk and hardship that are necessary for the three service.
  7. Agniveers will receive a unique “Seva Nidhi” package at the conclusion of their four-year contract.
    that will comprise the contribution as well as any interest they earn in addition to an additional match
  1. No pilot scheme is available to test the plan.
  2. It could weaken the military’s professionalism, culture and fighting spirit.
  3. The average age is 7-8 years to train a soldier for battle.
  4. Agniveers should be wary and the majority will be looking to find an additional job.
  5. This could lead to the militarization and repression of the society, and the each year, 35,000 teens are unemployed who have had war experiences.

Agneepath Scheme Vacancy 2022

Through the Agneepath Plan, around 466,000 troops will be recruited by The Indian Army, Indian Navy and India Air Force. The complete and detailed recruitment process will be announced in the near future from The Indian Army. The selection of women for Agneepath scheme. Agneepath scheme will be contingent on the requirements of the respective service.


Agneepath Yojana Qualification

The educational qualifications for each department is listed in the following manner:

Department Education Qualification
Soldier General Duty SSLC/Matric with 45% marks in aggregate.No%required if higher qualification.
Soldier Technical 10+2/Intermediate exam non-Matricpassed for Science, with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English. Aged eight to be able to get a higher level of qualification.
SoldierClerk / StoreKeeper Technical 10+2/Intermediate examination passed in any stream(Arts Commerce, Science)with 50% marks in total and minimum 40 percent in each of the subjects. Age of weightage for higher qualifications.
Soldier Nursing Assistant 10+2/Intermediate exam completed in Science comprising of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English with a minimum of 50% mark in total and minimum 40% marks in each of the subjects. Aged eight for higher qualifications.
Soldier Tradesman
(i) GeneralDuties Non -Matric
(ii) Specified Duties Non-Matric

Agneepath Scheme Age Limit Details

Candidates who fall within the age between 17.5 Years to 22 years (revised) are eligible to avail the benefits of the Agneepath scheme to apply for Indian Army Recruitment 2022.

Category Age Limit
Department 17.5 to 23 years old
Soldier Technical
SoldierClerk / StoreKeeper Technical
Soldier Nursing Assistant
Soldier Trades man
(i) GeneralDuties
(ii) SpecifiedDuties

Agneepath Yojna Agniveer Salary

The average salary for Agniveers starting from the beginning of the year will be approximately Rs. 4.76 lakhs per year, and will rise to 6.92 lakh for the final year. 6.92 lakhs per annum in the year ending. Review monthly package, in-hand salary, contributions for Agniveer Corpus Fund and corpus fund of GoI by using the tabular below. The “Seva Nidhi” will be exempted from income tax.

Agneepath The Scheme’s Salary All figures are in the form of Rs (Monthly contribution)
Year Customised Package (Monthly) In Hand
Contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund
Corpus Contribution
Fund by GoI
1st Year Rs. 30000 Rs. 21000 Rs. 9000 Rs. 9000
2nd Year Rs. 33000 Rs. 23100 Rs. 9900 Rs. 9900
3rd Year Rs. 36500 Rs. 25580 Rs. 10950 Rs. 10950
4th Year Rs. 40000 Rs. 28000 Rs. 12000 Rs. 12000
Contribution total for Agniveer Corpus Fund after four years: Rs 5.02 Lakh
Exit After 4 Years4. 11.71 Lakh as Seva Nidhi Package (Including the interest accrued on the above figure according to the
applicable interest rates will also be also)


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